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This is a list of Psychos and the Nicknames dubbed on them by one person or another.

Birth Names NickNames
Gilles De Rais The Original Bluebeard
Vlad the Impaler Dracula
Elizabeth Bathory The Blood Countess
Andreas Bichel The Bavarian Ripper
John Williams The Ratcliffe Highway Murderer
The Bender Family The Bloody Benders
Thomas Piper The Boston Belfry Murderer
Herman Mudgett H.H.Holmes/The Torture Doctor
Theo Durrant The Demon in the Belfry
Joseph Vacher The French Ripper
Johann Hoch The Stockyard Bluebeard
Bela Kiss The Monster of Czinkota
Henri Landru The Bluebeard of Paris
Vasili Komaroff The Wolf of Moscow
Fritz Haarmann The Vampire of Hanover
Earle Nelson The Gorilla Murderer
Peter Kurten The Vampire of Duselldorf
Albert Fish The Moon Maniac
Gordon Cummins The Blackout Ripper
Louise Pette The Duchess of Death
Alfred Cline The Buttermilk Bluebeard
Rudolf Pleil The Death Maker
John George Haigh The Acid-Bath Killer
Raymond Fernandez/Martha Beck The Lonely Hearts Killers
John Reginald Christie The Monster of Rillington Place
Ed Gein The Plainfield Ghoul
Melvin David Rees The Sex Beast
Heinrich Pommerencke The Beast of the Black Forest
Albert DeSalvo The Boston Strangler
Ian Brady/Myra Hindley The Moors Murderers
Charles Schmid The Pied Piper of Tucson
Gertrude Baniszewski The Torture Mother
Juan Corona The Machete Murderer
Edmund Kemper III The Co-Ed Killer
Paul John Knowles The Cassanova Killer
Joachim Kroll The Ruhr Hunter
David Berkowitz Son of Sam
John Wayne Gacy The Killer Clown
Kenneth Bianchi/Angelo Buono The Hillside Stranglers
Peter Sutcliffe The Yorkshire Ripper
Pedro Lopez The Monster of the Andes
Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker
Keith Hunter Jesperson The Happy Face Killer
Richard Angelo The Angel of Death
Adolfo De Jesus Constanzo The Godfather of Matamoros
Jeffrey Dahmer The Milwaukee Monster
Andrei Chikatilo The Mad Beast
Ted Bundy Lady Killer
Joe Ball The Alligator Man
William Heirens The Lipstick Killer
Jerry Brudos The Shoe-Fetish Slayer
Dean Corll The Candy Man
Larry Eyler The Interstate Killer
Wayne Williams The Atlanta Child Murderer
Randall Woodfield The I-5 Killer
Carol Eugene Watts The Sunday Morning Slasher
Timothy William Spencer The Southside Slayer
Vicytor Szczepinski The Doorbell Killer
Lucian Staniak The Red Spider
Joseph Smith The Brides in the Bath Murderer
John Scripps The Tourist From Hell
Gerald Schaefer The Killer Cop
Thierry Paulin The Monster of Montmarte
Anatoly Onoprienko The Terminator
George Metesky The Mad Bomber
William McDonald The Sydney Mutilator
Archie McCafferty The Mad Dog
Jean-Thierry Mathurin The Old Ladies Killer
Richard Macek The Mad Biter
Edward Leonski The Singing Strangler
Bobby Joe Long The Classified Ad Rapist
Patrick Kearney The Trash Bag Murderer
Colin Ireland The Gay Slayer
Archibald Hall The Monster Butler
Georg Karl Grossman The Berlin Butcher
Vaughn Greenwood The Skid Row Slasher
Cleo Green The Red Demon
John Wayne Glover The Granny Killer
Raymond Fernandez The Lonely Hearts Killer
Nikolai Dzumagalies Metal Fang
Nannie Doss The Giggling Granny
Karl Denke The Mass Murderer of Munsterberg
Dr. Thomas Neill Cream The Lambeth Poisoner
Rory E. Conde The Tamiami Strangler
Doug Clark The Sunset Strip Slayer
Richard Chase The Vampire of Sacremento
David Carpenter The Trailside Killer
Harvey Carnigan The Want-Ad Killer
Gary Carlton The Stocking Strangler
Werner Boost The Doubles Killer
Wayne Boden The Vampire Rapist
William Bonin The Freeway Killer

This list was compiled with permission from Serial Killer Central.

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