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About Psychos R Us

Well, how do I say a little about Psychos R Us that the name doesn't already say? Let's see. I guess I could start at why. I was standing outside, smoking a cigarette at work when a co-worker and I were talking about cool movies we had recently seen when somehow the conversation veered into Serial Killers and Psychopaths (go figure). After a few minutes of discussion I said "that's it, thats what I'm going to use as the theme for my latest creation". You see, I had been wanting to do something new (as far as a website goes) and different yet interesting. Well, from there I contemplated how I should put it together, did a little research and BLAMMO, here it is.

I know some people might think it is sick or that "you shouldn't give these crazed maniacs any more exposure than they already have", but I find it interesting (for some strange reason) how the human psychy works when taken to extremes like these. So call me crazy or "one of them" or whatever you want because basically I don't care what you think and, if you think it is sick or twisted, there is nothing keeping your finger from clicking that mouse button under your right index finger (or left index finger for some) to take you away from here and never coming back. Here, I'll even help you out... Click here to get out of this crazy place.

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